Kenna's Wishlist December 2021

Kenna's Wishlist December 2021

We sat down with an exclusive interview with a television personality, Instagram influencer and the cutest dog. Yes, Kenna the office dog.

Kenna is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or the purest heart and bravest soul. If you don't believe us, check out the image of her sitting on a mountain of gifts. In a Santa outfit, hat and all. If that's not brave we simply don't know what is.

For Christmas Kenna would very much like cuddles, chips that have fallen on the floor, long walks and to sleep behind Lula whilst she works. Fortunately for her, we can make sure that happens.

When it comes to more tangible things, Kenna would like her owners clothing. Classic! 

The Long-Sleeved Logo T-Shirt

Long sleeve t-shirt Lula Laora

There's nothing like a good base layer to keep you warm in the winter months, especially when your sleeves have ivy illustrations. Wear yours with a pair of worn-in jeans and your favourite pair of boots for the day after your Christmas celebrations. We all need something comfortable after indulging in the delights of the holiday season.

Evil Lady Scarf White Multiple

multiple lady evil scarf Lula Laora

This little number is an easy stocking stuffer to add to your wishlist or to pop into someone else's. Made of 100% silk the evil lady scarf is easy to wear around your neck or wear as a hair accessory.

SEX Beanie

sex beanie Lula Laora

Who else is sick of plain beanies? Look no further. The SEX beanie is an easy way to spice up your all-black outfit and stand out among the sea of black puffer jackets and black boots.

Logo Socks

logo socks Lula Laora

If you've ever wondered why all of your socks have holes, it's probably because you need to buy some more. Gone are the days of your mother regularly supplying your closet with socks. Be your own mom. Or let us be your mom. Regardless, these socks are great because they wick away sweat and are thick. It'll take yours for toes to break through these babies. If you ever did, we'd have to call them prison break.

Big Boy Hoodie

hoodie big boy Lula Laora

The Big Boy hoodie is a great oversized sweatshirt. It's easy to make a statement or simply keep warm. This wardrobe staple has a printed ram at the back and a devil lady logo at the front creating a fun spin on a basic piece.

White Logo T-Shirt

white logo t-shirt

During the holiday season we all need something soft to cover our bodies in. The White Logo T-Shirt is made out of the softest cotton on this heavenly planet. Give someone the gift of comfort this Christmas, gift someone a hug. And this t-shirt.

Logo Mug

logo mug Lula Laora

We all need a mug upgrade everynow and then. Sometimes your tea and coffee stains become integral parts of mugs, swap them out for something new. The Logo Mug is a standard mug, can't go wrong!

The Kenna Coat

wren and ghost kenna houndstooth jacket

The adorable Ghost & Wren have been spotted in matching Kenna coats! Toronto-born and bred siblings have become internet sensations over the past few years, donning different outfits to amuse us all. Check them out on instagram!

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