Makeup artist Daisy Moore's AW21 Simple Pleasures Looks

Makeup artist Daisy Moore's AW21 Simple Pleasures Looks


Our newly released collection Simple Pleasures is a collection of essentials with a fun twist. Featuring houndstooth bomber jackets, fitted black dresses, wool midi skirts, puffer jackets, houndstooth neckpieces soft footwear - you know, just simple pleasures.

Paired with this, revered makeup artist Daisy Moore collaborated with the Lula Laora team to come up with a makeup look to enhance the red ram embroideries and the puffer bodice.

Daisy Moore developed a look featuring a metallic blue lipstick with a sinister-looking cupid's bow for the LULA LAORA AW21 collection, launched early September. The collection features a funky combination of nude eyebrows, intense and colourful eyeliner, and bold blue lipstick.

Publications such as POP sugar featured out runway images, "Makeup artist Daisy Moore created a few graphic make-up looks for the Lula Laora, but we can't get enough of this metallic blue lipstick with a sinister-looking cupid's bow. " It really is the gift that keeps on giving, and that comes from someone who sits next to a huge poster of the primadonna in houndstooth.

Fashion Brands were serving blue metallic looks

Prada served opposing metallics by Pat McGrath AW21 - fun fact, she also did Versace, Anna Sui, and Miu Miu for AW21. The makeup caught your eye just as much as the clothes, and one thing is certain; if you can't wear a statement coat to the office, your only alternative is a blue lip to pop through zoom.

If you feel blue metallic lipstick is a bit overkill, opt for a blue mascara, navy eyeliner or simply metallic blue nail polish to hop on the trend. Blue metallic is an easy colour to pair with neutral clothing, as it can pass off as black or grey.


Electric Eyeshadow Colours Were Not Shy

Electricity is in the air AW21, after a long pandemic sleep, the fashion world and everyone around it are ready to emulsify in electric socialisation. Versace painted their models in electric pink eyeshadow, as seen on Gigi Hadid and Irina Shayk.

The benefit of choosing blue lipstick over metallic eyeshadow is that if you need to go to the doctor's and you don't want to seem unhinged, it is easy to remove. I don't need to tell you that removing your eyeshadow will lead to a strange looking patch, and the removal and re-application of everything again. It's work looking fabulous.

Claudia Soare, President of Anastasia Beverly Hills said "I think pops of colour will trend, from soft pastels to bold brights. You can easily pair a pop of colour with a minimal look or go ultra-glam. And wearing colour in different ways, like blush through the centre of the face. I also think classics like smoky eyes, liner and bod lips always have a moment in fall."

But if that's not your groove, there are plenty of other fashion trends to try this season!

Other Makeup Trends Autumn 2021

In other news, we're expecting the kitten eye - basically a shorter version of the cat-eye-loaded lashes - we all tried the Maybelline lashes mascara over lockdown, right? We also see the return of lipstick, facemasks and coverings has skyrocketed a yearning for something to stain them.

Thanks to gen Z, we can also see the return of goth eyeliner - although I think this new generation is going to look a lot more glam than we did. "Natural brows" are still in - bushy brows have become so normal we now refer to them as natural brows, take notes people!

Even though the world is a different place due to COVID than Feb 2021 when the autumn-winter collection was released, it's not that different after all. The motion of fashion and style evolves and continues with or without a pandemic. With or without heartbreak. With or without banana bread or TikTok dances.

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