Voir Fashions Feature: How the Pink EyeBrows Developed

Voir Fashions Feature: How the Pink EyeBrows Developed

We are stoked to announce that Voir Fashion featured us in an article on their website covering notable beauty moments from London Fashion week to keep on your radar! They specifically liked the pink painted brows, creating a subdued texture and a monochrome fixture. 


Voir Fashions Feature: How the Pink EyeBrows Developed

Voir Fashion Magazine is a digital publication curtain to fashion, beauty and culture on a quarterly basis. It was founded in 2013 with the aim to celebrate diversity, showcase creativity and break moulds. They feature the ins and outs of fashion in the modern-day era.  


Voir Fashions Feature: How the Pink EyeBrows Developed

They featured our SS21 Opium & Turtledoves runway show makeup on VOIR fashion in their article "Notable Beauty Moments from London Fashion Week to Keep on Your Radar". Their list included flushed blush, smudge-proof lipstick, glossy skin and our painted brows. It’s always an honour to be featured with a publication, regardless of what they are highlighting. 

We wanted a look that would pop but not take away attention from the clothing, which can be a challenging thing to do. The LULA LAORA fashion pieces highlight textures and fabrics you might not see on a daily basis. As such we needed a monochrome makeup look without texture. 

Expressing your individuality is vital to our brand, be it in a conventional or non-conventional manner. As such we wanted a look that wasn’t conventional, and that is how the pink brows were born. 


Voir Fashions Feature: How the Pink EyeBrows Developed

We collaborated with makeup artist Miranda Baron to create dramatic blushed complexions extending to their eyebrows. The negative space surrounding the paint-splashed brows and eyelashes for the collection was high impact according to the publication - and we can't disagree with that. 

Miranda Baron is a London based makeup artist with features in prominent glossies such as Harper’s Bazaar UK, Hunger Magazine and L’Officiel Magazine. Her clients include the British jewellery brand Astrid & Miyu and Omorovicza.  


Voir Fashions Feature: How the Pink EyeBrows Developed

The Opium & Turtledoves 2021 collection strays from LULA LAORA’S usual portrayal of fashion in the sense that it is a lot more romantic and feminine. A such, we wanted the makeup to match this mood in a non-traditional sense. We came to the conclusion that the branded fuchsia was the way to go. Collaborating with Baron, whose creativity knows no bounds, the pink eyebrow was born. 


Voir Fashions Feature: How the Pink EyeBrows Developed

It takes a village to get a model down the runway. There's an entire industry of people who make two fashion weeks in countless countries happen every year. And that’s excluding capsule collections. Everyone around brings the designers idea to life, be it the model, the makeup artist, hairstylist, photographer or set designer. 

Not only do we wear clothing every day, but we also wear makeup. One might argue that the makeup we wear is a part of our outfits. Fashion and makeup go hand in hand, think about the ’70s or the 20s or even 2011. Makeup is a part of the look, isn’t it? There are no 80’s padded shoulders without blue eyeshadow. 

What’s magical about editorial makeup is that it has no rules. You can do anything from natural hues to an avant-garde look. It’s about expression beyond words or cloaks. 

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