5 Ways to Style a 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat

5 Ways to Style a 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat


You’re walking down the street window shopping. Maybe it’s a virtual Instagram shop. Maybe it’s an online multi-brand store. Or perhaps it's in-person - very 2019 of you. And it catches your eye. It is bold and you just know that the two of you belong together. Yes, you’ve found a statement piece that you simply must-have.

Matching statement wear can be quite a challenge. The LULA LAORA Velvet Faux Fur Pink Coat is one of those pieces that take you back to the glorious ’90s. I don’t know about you, but I feel a sense of comfort wearing a retro piece I remember seeing growing up. Does it help that the jacket is velvet? Yes, it's emotional comfort and physical comfort. Hubba Hubba.

Now that you’ve purchased the love of your life. How do you style it? Fear, not my little kitten, help is here. No need to dial 911. Unless you’re facing an actual emergency in which case you should stop reading and do that instead. You can pick this back up after your call. I’ll be here.


5 Ways to Style a 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat t-shirt Lula Laora

Sometimes simplicity is the answer. Simplicity is the answer most times but not necessarily the most fun when you’re doing taxes or compromising. A way to match your 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat is to top it over a graphic tee with fuchsia accents. The Jack of Hearts T-shirt is a great example of this (LINK). It has an oversized fit that makes the coat a little more street, a little less westside story.

A good graphic t-shirt can add a little edge to any outfit that you might find to be too girly, or feminine or whatever you’d like to call it. Having said that, love femininity to the max. But also adore a punk tee with a cutesy skirt like the tourterelle. The dichotomy is *chef’s kiss*.


5 Ways to Style a 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat

If westside story is that you’re looking for, mesh with mesh. Opt for something like the Short Sleeve Mesh Top Ivory as it has pink and purple embroidered beetles that bring out the fuchsia. The mock neck of the piece makes the silhouette of the outfit long and lean. Pair it with a high waisted bottom and block heels.

It’s a great look for a party when you need something to pop on your way there, but also when you’re on the dance floor or impressing people with your chit chat at a dinner party. It’s also a great way to turn eyes to the opera if you ever find yourself in the position of attending one.


5 Ways to Style a 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat

Mix feminine flair with street smarts by adding a hoodie to the mix. The King of Spades Hoodie is a great option for this as it was pink accents and stands out on its own two feet. Add a pair of high-top sneakers to the look for a streetwear vibe to match your 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat

This look is great if it’s a little on the chillier side, as the coat alone isn’t exactly a Canada Goose coat. It’s a great look for a weekend adventure to the museum or a nearby town. Comfortable, warm, and an effortlessly stylish way to style a 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat


5 Ways to Style a 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat

Khaki and hot pink mix quite well. Remember 2006? Pink and khaki cameo? Yes, let’s bring that back! Try the Khaki Fan Lacing Shoes or Sneaky Shorts in khaki to add an element of the military to the outfit.

It is very “I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and fit flops.” Too bad she wasn’t wearing a 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat, she’d be quite ahead of her time. But also behind her time. 2004 was a long time ago. I’m not old, you are!

Mixing a colour like fuchsia with another colour, yes like khaki, can seem quite daunting. Most of us, when in doubt, opt for neutral colours when adding a pop into our closets. An easy way to create an outfit if you don't want to use neutral colours is to apply block colouring. I'd advise you to choose khaki and fuchsia. Orange and blue is another ace combination. It's just about trying out different variations to see which colours look good on you - and which ones don't but you like anyway.


5 Ways to Style a 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat sex top Lula Laora

When in doubt, always go for an all-black monochrome outfit. It is by far the easiest way to wear a statement piece, be it trousers, a coat or shoes. The type of clothes depends on the season. Either do a black tee and jeans, or an oversized turtleneck and tailored trousers. Go for neutral sneakers or a pair of sliders for a casual yet stylish look.

A 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat is also a great way to make an outfit pop. Sometimes everything else is in the laundry basket and all you have is a black tee and jeans. Sometimes you have a crazy fun coat that you want to wear. This blog post has been about how to adjust to the fur-trimmed jacket. Remember that the jacket can adjust to your outfit. It might just be the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

There is a vast myriad of variations when it comes to matching outfits with your 90’s inspired Fuchsia Fur Trimmed Coat. When it comes to fashion there are no wrong answers. Case in point, Birkenstocks with socks came back. I guess your dads' socks and sandals are looking perkier each day. The most important thing is to have fun and be your true self. Be it unique and unusual or traditional and conforming. We love it all.

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