Bridal Wear You Can Re-Use

Bridal Wear You Can Re-Use

Weddings are expensive. There's catering, photographer, flowers, decoration, venue, cake, invitations and all of these hidden costs that are so easy to forget about. 

Bridal wear you can re-use is not only beneficial because it keeps the wedding costs to a minimum. It's also fun to re-wear it! Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, and it probably will be (after a few glasses of champagne) so why wouldn't you want to re-use the bridal wear?  

Need more convincing? Read on. 


bridal wear you can re-use lula laora

Fashion is the second-largest industry pollutant. We're not going to stop wearing clothes - unless we all end up watching the same Nudist Netflix documentary in 2025. Netflix has a way of making us all do the same thing, don't they?

Investigating the ethics and sustainability behind fashion brands is a great way to add value to those doing a good job. The problem with fashion is that we don't wear our items enough times, and just throw them out. 

A wedding dress you can re-use won't be wasted on one-time wear. Do you really think that your daughter (or daughter in law) is going to wear the dress in 30 years time? Marriage as a concept might have dissolved by then. I mean anything can happen in thirty years. If anything, that's something I've learned between 2019-2021. 

Bridal wear you can re-use is a great way to make better use of your clothing, but also participate in slow fashion. Check out the Tourterelle Skirt above, or the Madame Top - two bridal wear classics!  


bridal wear you can re-use lula laora

There are more options with bridal wear you can re-use! Opt for a long skirt with a crop top, or go for a white mini dress or maybe even try a colour! Maybe something like the UPCYCLED Lace Up Top

The Tourterelle Skirt and Mademoiselle Top are great examples of this. Maintaining a white traditional white look, it reaches your calves - not too short for a wedding! 

It is your big day, you should be able to wear whatever you want. Anything that makes you feel beautiful, and confident being at the centre of attention. Feeling beautiful is a part of enjoying your Wedding day. 


bridal wear you can re-use lula laora

Many people don't necessarily feel comfortable in traditional wedding gowns. The beauty with bridal wear you can re-use is that you can opt for something that makes you feel more like yourself. Go for a two-piece suit! Wear doc martens! Cover your hair in daisies! 

Traditional wedding dresses are beautiful, but it's also based on an old tradition. Sometimes it's nice to do a little upgrade. 


bridal wear you can re-use lula laora

Wedding dresses can be incredibly expensive. It's not for no reason. They take a long time to create, and the material is costly. Often you get what you pay for - unless you've pulled a Monica Geller and know where and when the next wedding dress sale is. 

However! A white dress or jumpsuit from a high-street retailer can be just as good. Granted, if you wear a wedding dress 50 times and a TOPSHOP white dress 50 times - the wedding dress will hold up better. But the wedding dress is more expensive, and I don't really know where else you'd wear one except your own wedding. 


bridal wear you can re-use lula laora

Unlike most wedding pictures, yours will look a little bit different. It's easy to opt for the long traditional gown! They look great! It can take more effort to find the perfect bridal wear you can re-use especially if you want it to stand out a little bit. But it will be worth it once you see the pictures. 

It also allows you to experiment with accessories. Maybe opt for an intricate headband, the Neckpiece Short Tulle Ivory, real flowers, or a statement veil. Otherwise, try a red lip, pink eyebrows or some other form of statement makeup look.  


bridal wear you can re-use lula laora

You might not feel like a wedding dress will allow you to express your individuality enough. A traditional wedding dress just might not be "you". 

A wedding day, especially if it's yours - is an excellent opportunity to express your individuality. Be it through a white tux, the Fan Lacing Shoes, a purple dress the Sneaky Trousers, or a jumpsuit like Solange wore to her wedding. Or Hillary Duff. Or Kaley Cuoco. 


bridal wear you can re-use lula laora

You can wear the two LULA LAORA pieces together, but also separately for your wedding day. Alternatively, you could wear the tourterelle skirt with a crop top to define your midsection. Maybe wear them with sneakers? 

And the mademoiselle top with flared white trousers with blocked high heels and a statement lip. It's a formal attire although you're still able to dance, attend the bathroom alone - and have an extra piece of cake without it showing too much. 


bridal wear you can re-use Lula Laora

There are benefits beyond what meets the eye. A traditional wedding dress can be hard to ahem attend the bathroom in. You might also find it challenging to dance in - which is why many people opt for a jumpsuit for the second part of their wedding. 

A skirt or a dress with a shorter hemline is nevertheless also going to be easier to bust a move in. With a shorter hemline, you'll also be able to wear more comfortable footwear. 


bridal wear you can re-use lula laora

The less money you spend on your wedding, the more you have left to splurge on your honeymoon. If you're saving up for a home, then there's more money for that too. 

But do keep this in mind. 

A wedding is a great day and a way to celebrate the love between two people. Ideally, it's a day that only comes once in a lifetime. So if you want to splurge, splurge away baby. 

In conclusion, the planning up to your wedding day is sure to be hectic. Why not ensure that the clothing you wear is *chef's kiss* absolutely perfect. You're worth it all.  

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